Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Release Day for Not Alone

Do any of you remember when I said I have a thing, and it's getting published?! Today's the day, today's the day, guys, it's RELEASE DAY!! SQUEEEEEE!!

I've said some things about it in the past, but I shall gather them together here now, for accessibility. Here you go.

From last year, "I Have a Thing!":

"My 'thing' is a personal essay. It will be included in a collection about infertility and miscarriage, from Kalos Press. Mine is about miscarriage.

"'This isn’t a book that offers solutions – there are plenty of experts for that. Nor is this a book that expounds theological explanations for pain and loss – that necessary job is already well done elsewhere.
"'What this book offers is simpler, and more primary: it offers companionship. No one loss is like any other, yet sharing our losses can offer, if not true solace, at least the comfort of knowing there is someone else there beside you in the dark, someone who understands. We hope that in sharing these stories you will gain the words and phrase to better frame, to better comprehend, to better share, your own story.' [-from the introduction-to-be, quoted in the editor's Call for Submissions here]"

From "A Day (and Nights) in the Life of a Cholestasis Patient (and Stay-at-Home-Mom)":

"The sun has come up, the light slowly grows.

"I eat a little and return to my Kindle and the Not Alone proofs. These beautiful, heartbreaking stories. On a shallow level, amazed by the writing skill of some of the authors, I think of more things I wish I'd said in mine. Too late for that now. I'm honored to be included, and I said what I could at the time. Yes, there was a little more to my story that hadn't happened yet, and a few more reflections, but at least the not-finished aspect gave it more immediacy. I can blog more about it, but in this book form, it's finished and done. It's in God's hands now. All of these stories are.

"And I'm grateful that some of them say some of the things I wish I did, if from slightly different angles. It's important that they're said, it doesn't have to be me who says them. The only thing missing, from my perspective, is any explicit mention, by name, of postpartum depression after miscarriage. Well.

"Brief dizzy spell, and look, it's 7:00. I should try to get some more sleep, if I'm going to.

"The last essay is so perfect. I'm sorry for the author's loss, but given her loss, I'm glad this was written and chosen and placed here.

"I go to bed.

"These beautiful, heartbreaking stories. I want to hug everyone in the world. Especially every mother, but also every father, everyone yearning for a child, even everyone not. Those struggling with other things and those who are like, Why are you hugging me, you crazy lady?!

"I'm so grateful for this little one, for all that she's so hard.

"And for my outside-the-womb child, now insisting I get up. Had a few more minutes of sleep. And then maybe an hour or so.

"It's a new day."

And a few tweets (I'll just embed the first, you can click through to see the thread, if you want. And the tweet I quoted, which doesn't show up properly in embedded format.):

"So... I have an essay in this book. Coming out Dec. 1st.

"My first published writing. Pretending to be casual here.

"'Working on this book was heart-wrenching & enlightening. Amazing & generous authors. http://www.kalospress.org/books/books/not-alone-print.html#.VhxZQ-yoASM … #miscarriage #hope'"

"Also, speaking as a reader, because MOST of the book is NOT me, heh -- it's really good and I recommend it to anyone who's miscarried or struggled with infertility. Or anyone who knows anyone who has. So pretty much everyone."

"Though be aware it's from a Christian perspective, for my followers who aren't."

So. That is that. Just one last thing, some of which I wrote on a comment thread for a self-promotion gift-giving guide. As we enter the Christmas season and you think about gifts, this isn't necessarily the most obvious pick. It's not "fun," it's sad. But if you know someone who's struggling with miscarriage or infertility, I can almost guarantee they're thinking about it already, you won't be "reminding" them of a sad thing. My hope is that your gift will make them feel loved and will indeed let them know they are not alone.

Available for purchase:
Barnes & Noble
Kalos Press


Anonymous said...

Yay! Just ordered mine. :D

Marcy said...

:D Aww, thanks!

(And hmm. Not checking the "social" tab of my email often seems to mean I tend to miss these comments...)

Marcy said...

:D Aww, thanks!

(And hmm. Not checking the "social" tab of my email often seems to mean I tend to miss these comments...)