Hi, I'm Marcy Ratcliff.

Writer, bibliophile, and sometime polyglot.

I've been meaning to integrate my Quettandil post with this page, but haven't done so yet. In the meantime, have the above link, and here's the previous "About" material:

About the Blog

I'm a fantasy and language nerd, as you may be able to tell from my blog's title and header. Bonus points if you know what the stove bit is a reference to.

But what can you expect to find here?

Book reviews, especially of fantasy, though not as many as I'd like. I read way more than I review, in spite of wanting to review ALL THE BOOKS.

Thoughts about writing, particularly about writing fiction.

Thoughts on language.

Occasional music reviews.

Lots of emotion. Snippets and slices of my life, from writing to dealing with my mom's dementia to running, to... I don't know, cheese. You can expect a lot of honesty. If "we read to know we are not alone," I write for the same reason -- and also in the hopes of letting you know you're not alone.

Or, put less positively, it's possible I have no boundaries.

Some of my thoughts will be very specifically and obviously filtered through my faith. Many others won't be, or at least not in a way that would make it hard for anyone else to relate to them.

As my sister puts it, "Expect many reflections of assorted nerdery."

About Me

In June 2005 I married my husband, John. We had a daughter in November 2012, codenamed Gracie for the blog. I'm the twelfth of thirteen children. I graduated from Biola in December of 2004 and majored in Intercultural Studies, with an emphasis in Applied Linguistics. I love linguistics, and I love languages. I want to be a polyglot.

Email: quettandil at gmail dot com

Twitter: Quettandil

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