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There are a few issues with the accuracy of the stats these widgets are based on, but nothing too horrible. I explained about them when I first announced I was adding a popular posts widget, but here's the basic breakdown:

  • Blogger's stats only go back to May 2009, and this blog started in December 2004. On the other hand, I believe my readership has grown, and the truly popular posts tend to stay popular, I think, so... meh.
  • Some posts were imported to facebook, others were linked. Now I link them all, since facebook doesn't do the importing anymore. The imported ones had a disadvantage, stats-wise, since people didn't have to click through to read them. But again meh, MEH I SAY!! >_>
  • Facebook tagging. I forgot to mention this in that announcement post, but as far as how truly popular a post is, or whether it actually contains some of my best writing... well, there can be a bit of skew. Even though the stats themselves are technically accurate. For example, I've tagged a lot of people on the posts about my mother's dementia for various relational reasons. That means more people are bound to see and click on those posts, but as to whether or not my sad posts about my mom are really what most people want to see on my blog...? Could go either way. Certain specific people are most interested in those, but you, Dear Reader? It's up to you.
I believe that's all the issues. Not so bad, and applies a little bit more to the all-time favorites than the monthly favorites, though the facebook tagging can affect both. Enjoy!

For posts I would add to these lists if I could, see my hopefully underrated tag, which, as of 8/2/12, will take you to the first in an eventual series of posts that feature favorite posts from other people's blogs and from my own. In each post in this series, my own featured post will be at the bottom. For me to feature a post of mine like this, it has to be over a year old at the least at the time I feature it, and not included in any current popular stats, whether by day, week, month, or all time. As far as I know, it shouldn't ever have been included in the all-time list, at any time. And, of course, it has to be a post I'm rather fond of.

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