Monday, September 19, 2005

Soli Deo Gloria

I like this song. It's from Go Fish's CD, "Part of the Proof."

Will You Dance?
words and music by J. Statema

Hey there angel, I wonder what you're lookin' at
When I see you starin' up at me
I got a polka-dotted piece of lint in my pocket
Whatcha think about that?
Well, I thought it was kind of freaky
Or maybe it's just me

Do you ever feel like the only one?
Like a fried up bug in the magnified sun
Eyes fall on you like a 2-ton ton
And you wonder what it was that you begun

If I sing for you, will you dance for me?
There's a place I had that I gave to thee
Look into my soul, I've laid it out to see
So, if I sing for you, will you dance?

Magically delicious, soothing to the soul
Put it all in a pretty package, Look at junior go
I love it when you go crazy
But I won't flatter myself
'Cuz if you weren't here clappin' for me
You'd be clappin' for someone else

Say what you mean if you mean what you say
It's common for me to get carried away
Lord, those around me I pray they will see
It's not what I have, but who gave it to me

Like most songs, it's better accompanied by music. The music especially emphasizes the lines, "'Cuz if you weren't here clappin' for me you'd be clappin' for someone else" and "It's not what I have, but who gave it to me." Part of the reason I like the song is that it shows the heart of the band, and I appreciate their honesty and humility (and silliness). I also enjoy it, though, because of what a good reminder it is of what my attitude should be, whenever I'm on stage in any sense. These days that's mostly when I'm part of the worship band at church, but it's especially important then! To help lead worship so that people will see what a beautiful voice I have is ridiculous. I think making beautiful music (as opposed to making music that's just barely good enough to not distract people from worshipping) can bring glory to God, but that's what it needs to do. Not to us, but to Your Name, be the glory.


luminarumbra said...

I like the lyrics. ^_^

Marcy said...

Oh, good. That makes me smile.