Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Earlier I added Megatokyo to the sidebar, but I didn't say anything about it. Well, it's a very good webcomic/manga. You should read it. It's a little bit like Fruitsbasket, in that it's funny and deals with problems, but the problems are quite different, and there's l33t sp34k. Oh, and it's by an American (two, at the beginning), but he seems to be bilingual, etc. It takes a little bit longer to get into, but it's worth it. At least, it's worth it if you want to have a new addiction in your life... um... Here are a couple classics from the early days to give you its general flavor: "Sim Life" and "Speak L33t?"


Joi said...

Ok, yeah, so I'm posting here because it's faster than Bubbs. :)

I just got a sewing machine!

Which means, I am now making skirts, hats, and scarves to sell! :) Let me know if you want one; former roommates get good discounts! ;P

Wandering Naturalist said...

Hey, Marcy--
I loved the Fruitsbasket set I got for Christmas! Nice to be able to sort of understand the Japanese, too (gloat gloat). Anyhow, maybe what I should really say is that
3y3 1|k3 |7.

I take public transportation, by the way. To save money and because I can. I prefer it to driving in SF, though sometimes it's a pain to not be in control when it's running late. This was never a problem in Japan or Germany. I am more likely to make it to work on time if I get off the subway and walk a mile and a half (to the pier my boat leaves from), than if I wait for the bus. I do "cheat" and carpool for that mile-and-a-half on the way back.

I see more people of color, people who don't speak English as a first language, and people in a lower income bracket (can't say that I'm all that high up there, myself) on public transportation, but I wouldn't say "lower class."

Marcy said...

I'm glad you liked it! I like listening to the Japanese too, although I certainly don't understand much yet.

Yay for public transportation! Although I've found that it really isn't too great in LA -- at least if you want to get anywhere that's very far off the train lines or the express bus route. A trip that takes 40 minutes by car at the most would take 2 hours by bus!