Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Car

I get a car after all! See, the reason the person selling me the car upped the price was that her dad thought she was selling it for too little. He's the one who's going to buy her her new car, so his opinion matters in this process. Anyway, she convinced him to only sell it for $100 more than the original price now, and this is good enough for me. I'm getting a car tomorrow! Aside from a nagging fear that I'm going to crash the car as soon as I buy it, I'm quite happy.

The other thing I found out today is that I'm not getting a job at Biola. I don't know which job it is that I'm not getting there, the note in the mail didn't say. I'll have to call them. Maybe I'm not getting any of the ones I applied for. I really need to start job searching more dilligently.

Oh, since I didn't update in January, I should explain a little bit. I had a job in January -- a temporary staff position at Biola in Interlibrary Loan, doing the same thing I had done as a student worker, just getting paid more. They couldn't get the position approved for longer than January though, so I'm back to looking now.

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