Saturday, March 05, 2005


I would like to take this opportunity to inform all my friends not living in Southern California that we have had a very wet winter. I'm sure it's normal for other places, but it's unheard of here. According to one source, this is our wettest winter in 115 years, and the 3rd wettest since records began. As long as we get an average amount of rain for the rest of the season, it will become the wettest recorded. Evidently a "season" lasts from July 1st to June 30th. The average for July 1st - Feb. 23rd is 10.15 inches. We've had 33.87 inches. Much fun. Well, not for everyone. It's caused mudslides and such, of course. But I figure I never got to play in the snow as a kid, so I made do with rain, and I enjoy it to this day. As does my sister.


Wendy said...

Hey, you linked to me! Cool! Love ya, sis. :)

Marcy said...

(= I liked that post -- all the images of rain around the world made me think of the rain on my travels, and the "gray, gray rain of home" made me realize there IS something I like about LA, although I wish it would rain more! Anyway, it seemed an appropriate link in a post about rain. I also liked your seagull poem, especially the ending, but unfortunately that wasn't quite as relevant to my post.