Thursday, June 02, 2005


Please pray for me. In the last few days I've lost my debit card, driver's license, and cell phone (I also locked my keys in the car, but that didn't actually matter because I had easy access to a spare). I lost the debit card and license the day of the Scottish fair; I took them out of my wallet because I didn't want to take my purse with me, as it didn't match my outfit. At one point they were in my sister's pouch, at another point they were in my camera case... and then... I thought they were in a pocket when I got back and changed. They should be somewhere in my apartment, but I can't find them for the life of me. Then on Tuesday I went to Disneyland with Andrea, and my purse was a little bit stuffed. I thought my cell phone fell out of it afterwards, at Andrea's, but she can't find it. And the battery seems to have run down, so calling it doesn't do any good.

I keep thinking of J.T.'s prayer for Bridges (my church), that the tests we've experienced in the past would seem like nothing compared to what we will face. Losing stuff like this really isn't a huge deal in the grand scale, or even the scale of my life. It's just... very annoying. And stressful, in the midst of planning a wedding. I've gotten a replacement temporary license, and I'm not too worried about identity theft since I'm about to change my name. I've canceled the debit card, and a new one will be here in 4-6 business days. The cell phone, though... I hope either Andrea finds it or it turns up in Disneyland's lost and found. It came free with the plan, but John says it costs $70 to replace. And, of course, it has my phone book and schedule inside. I have some phone numbers on paper, but not many of the newer ones. At least I can retrieve my messages from a different phone. Still, with all the busyness going on, it was nice to be able to make my calls (to find out people's addresses to send invitations to, or make an appointment for an eye exam so I can get contacts... etc.) as I sat waiting for Melanie at the bus stop, and to be able to call John after Bible study and tell him I'm coming over -- instead of "coming over" only to find he's not there.

Well, that's a bit of why I haven't been posting. I've been busy... or rather, if busyness is a "lie of America," let's just say I've had more important things to do than blog.

Also please pray for me about a... more personal matter, that I'd rather not talk about. It's just something that could end up being very very very hard, but then again, could be fine. Pray that I will make good decisions on a consistent basis in this area, since it's something I have some control over. Thank you!


Dash said...

haha! sorry, but the reason i'm smiling is because this thing with you loosing your wallet reminds me of the time you lost your wallet while we were on tour... it wasn't funny then (or now really), but just this blog reminded me of continentals. well, hope you're doing all right. talk to you later! -Dacia

Dash said...

woooot. :-P this is my third online journal. probly won't ever update... oh well.

Marcy said...

Yep. That wallet-losing seems to have started a bad precedent... at least every time I lose something important I'll make a member of Tour G smile... (=