Tuesday, July 25, 2006

If anyone cares...

A long, long, long time ago on this blog (6-2-05 to be exact) I said that I had an unspoken prayer request. For those of you who were wondering, it was answered and everything turned out fine. Thank you.

In that same post, “Help!” I wrote about several stresses. I kept wanting to write another post about all the good things happening in my life at the time, but I never did. There really were good things happening then, too. I was about to get married! People threw me bridal showers, I got to go to Disneyland with friends a couple times, my church had a luau for college graduates and included me since I’d graduated back in December… yep, fun stuff. Well, now you know. Aren’t you glad?


luminarumbra said...




I hope things are going alright, Mongoose.

Marcy said...

(= *hugs back* Thank you! I especially liked the "<_< >_>". Things are going pretty well for me these days. I stopped working for my mom cleaning her house and stuff, which is very good because... sometimes it wasn't so bad, but I was getting really really depressed about once a week. I was beginning to feel bipolar. But now I'm working for Jeff at Zoom Math, and I found flylady, and I'm actually doing pretty good. Thank you!