Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm doing it again.

I'm putting off what I need to do... why? For the heck of it? Well, it started with a kinda rough day at work. Customer service problems that didn't make any sense and I didn't know how to solve (the kind of thing that can happen when you're selling software registration keys off a website). It was really bugging me. I had trouble concentrating on anything else. And I was really annoyed that I was having trouble, because I'm sort of in charge of getting us ready for this big picnic event thing we're having on Saturday. I've never been in charge of all the details for anything this big before... which, of course, means that there are certain aspects I'm putting off or slightly dreading anyway, and I noticed that and was trying not to. But then there was this customer service stuff! So, I decide, this would be a good time for my DDR exercise break. Exercising can help with emotions, right? Right. I played a bit longer than normal, but not really a biggie. Then I stop. I think, well, I'm still feeling a little odd. I want... you know, to talk to people, to really share emotion, to... well, not just any procrastination, meaningful, emotional procrastination! So, I read my email from the family yahoogroup. There wasn't enough of it. So then I started reading blogs. I think I caught up with all the blogs on my sidebar. ::sigh:: Somehow, it's good, and I like it, but it's not the same as really talking with people. Of course not. And here I am, posting on my blog about it, instead of talking with a friend. What can I say? I want everyone to know how I feel, not just one person! Ha. Or maybe it's just easier. Yes, that's the one. I will finish this post and feel better because I've expressed myself (sort of) but sad, because I want people to post comments right away, I want to see the responses, and now I have to wait instead and maybe face going on with my day instead of trying to fulfill all my moody desires. ::sigh:: There's one more thing I need to do tonight to get ready for the picnic, and then I can go home (ooh, and watch TV?).

Mood? Frustrated, angry, overwhelmingly sad...

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