Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas List

This is for family to use, not friends. You guys don't have to get me anything (unlike family, ha!). I don't have money to get gifts for friends this year, sorry...

Of course, this is probably too late to be of any use since I think most of my family who read this have already gotten me something, but whatever. There's a chance.

First, my amazon lists. Be sure to read the comments of anything you're thinking of getting, there are a few things on there I don't actually want as I have them listed because they're hardback still or whatnot. 'Course, some of those may have been added long enough ago that the paperback actually is available now... Anywho. The default list, made up almost entirely of books I haven't read that looked interesting or I know I really really want. The list of Books I've Read, not as exciting but mostly books I'd really like to own because they're awesome. The six items I want concerning Foreign Language, pretty self-explanatory. Movies & Shows (not comprehensive, but a few I thought of), Music (I'd love just about anything off this), and Nonfiction (not as exciting for me, but it's all on this list for a reason, i.e. I'm pretty darn sure I want to read it and will like it quite a bit).

There you have it. Who knew someone could be this verbose about a Christmas list? If anyone can, it's me. Ooh, and Andrea...

I also want stuff from the Flyshop, like the calendar, feather duster (the longer one), timer, wallet, water bottle, and maybe the Office in a Bag. Those need to be ordered by tomorrow to get here in time for Christmas, just like amazon (I know, I'm pathetic). Things from Mary Kay, you can contact my MK person through that link and she can tell you what's in my shopping cart type thing (no wish list on that site). Um, I want stuff from Spice Traders & Teas, especially Ginger Orange Peach tea, as I've run out of that. I think that's it, besides Archery equipment -- you can contact the teacher at Biola about that, I don't know where to get stuff like that.

Oh, and if you're wondering what to get John, give him money. He wants to buy a computer.

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