Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Year in Review

Ah, the things that pass through the blogs... This was Sharon's idea, except not really. She got it from another person, who got it from another person, and so on. It amused me. And so here, without the month headings, are the first sentences from the first posts of each month of the previous year. Pictures do not count as sentences, of course. I'm not sure exactly what the first sentence was with the DDR one, but I put down my best guess. Ooh, wait; instead I'm going to just use parts of sentences -- everything up to a dash, colon, or ellipsis; or, failing that, a period. It's funnier that way.

I want to be a translator -- warning: peaceful yard. Today I tried making pizza (from scratch, except for the dough, which was Pillsbury) for the first time. Every now and then I post quotes from books, just to make you smile. You know a DDR song is hard when... a long, long, long time ago on this blog (6-2-05 to be exact) I said that I had an unspoken prayer request. I found LibraryThing. I'm putting off what I need to do... "Leaves are falling, and something's calling me here." I want this T-shirt... Later I may post a few of these pictures individually (with more comments and edits), but for now here's an album of the trip John and I took out to Wheaton to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.

Oh wait, that was the first parts of sentences of the last posts of each month. I forgot that everything's backwards. Now for the same thing, only different.

These are blurry, but I think they capture her spirit. No, I am not obsessed. Disclaimer: today I tried making pizza (from scratch, except for the dough, which was Pillsbury) for the first time. That's right -- ...and the Angels are playing the Devil Rays. I read Song of the Wanderer and wrote this back in January, but here it is now. It’s been a while since I’ve written poetry, and I'd planned to write a real updatey sort of post next (and soon), but this one just sort of happened. I discovered the reason LibraryThing won't let you see my "date read" and other such things is that when you're logged out, you see any catalog you look at in one of the LibraryThing default views -- "Leaves are falling, and something's calling me here." I was browsing through my blog archives, because that's something I like to do, especially after I've caught up on all my friend's blogs... ...you write yourself a check, go deposit the check, and then receive the paid check back in the mail and file it?

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