Friday, February 23, 2007

It's Quiet!!!

Some time this morning after I arrived at work, but hours before lunch, people began sandblasting the house next door. It was the loudest constant and static noise I have ever had the misfortune to be near. It was shockingly loud. Traveling between the office and the house had to be kept to a minimum, as the full force hit you when you opened the door to the outside world.

But now it's gone!!! I was trying to minimize it by putting earbuds in my ears and playing music (quietly, so as not to further damage my hearing). But a moment ago I noticed a new sound -- silence! Yes, I know silence isn't actually a sound, but today it seemed palpable.

Uh-oh. It's starting again on a different wall. Wait, it stopped... Please, please don't come back!

We'll see. Meanwhile, thank You, Lord, for silence and music.

1 comment :

aelthwyn said...

ug, that would be so obnoxious

it's wierd how sudden silence can grab your attention like that, just the same as if it was a noise.

Noise really is sort of a relative thing for us I think. You can get so used to noises that you don't really notice them anymore. And noises that are the same can seem louder or quieter in different contexts. I'm glad you kept that in mind with the's so easy to turn them up and not realise how loud they really are.

at work our radio gets really bad reception so most of the time there's fuzz or buzzing in the background. Even though you don't really notice it when it's on, it's such a releife when it actually goes away for a while.

sometimes it really feels like there's way too much noise in the world these days, silence is such a good thing somtimes.