Monday, March 24, 2008

Prague, Oaxaca, Angeles National Forest, Disneyland, Boo, squirrels, sunsets...

Happy Easter!

I have updated deviantart again. Well, many times. How much is actually new to you would depend on when you saw my last post and checked it. My newest picture on there is one of my favorite pictures ever (of my own work, of course).

Not much else going on in my life at the moment... typing and editing for an Indian neighbor, work, books, World of Warcraft, Buffy, Latin... you know, the normal stuff. (= Today I exercised for an hour. 30 minutes of jogging, including a bit of walking for my warmup and cooldown, and 30 minutes of Wii Sports. It made me happy. I think I would like to run in a 5K again sometime soon. I'll have to be more consistent with my exercise again, and research when and where such things are being held.

Last Wednesday I drove out and saw Sharon. It was lovely. Thank you, Sharon! On my way home I stopped at Craig Park (by the 57 and Imperial), a place I ran for Cross Country a couple times in high school. I wandered around taking pictures of flowers, ducks, and the lake, and then came home. I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, so I'm not sure whether or not I got any good ones. My camera was giving me focus troubles, so my strategy (especially concerning the ducks) was to take a ton and hope for the best.


Emma said...

Buffy!!! I just started watching that on hulu yesterday :D

Marcy said...

Yay! I love Buffy. I'd watched it before, mostly kept up with it while it was on the air, but this is my first time watching all of it straight through since then. It's fun!