Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Kalahari Typing School for Men

The Kalahari Typing School for Men (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #4) by Alexander McCall Smith
Read: 4/21/08-4/29/08
LibraryThing tags: Mystery, Africa, Sonderbook (click here for Sondy's review)

Yay, yay, Botswana book, yay, yay! What can I say? These books are just fun. And while the tone remains quite consistently lovely, I think they might be getting better and better. They seem to be more and more unified you see, and less and less collections of cases and musings. There are still musings (and cases, of course), but now more space is given to the character story arcs. This is good. Makes 'em pretty much perfect. Yeah yeah, I'm still only giving this one a four out of five stars on LibraryThing, but I'm selective with my 4 1/2s and 5s. It's got to be a favorite book. I love these, and it's close, but... no, not yet at least. Maybe sometime.

And that's pretty much it. Good night, all!


Rick said...

So Marcy, how would I view your LibraryThing ratings of books you've read?

Marcy said...

See on my left sidebar under the Blog Archive where it says "Currently Reading?" Click on the "my library" link under that. That'll take you to my LibraryThing books. You may have to tweak a couple viewing settings though, for some reason it's not saving some useful things. Click on the Author column heading to alphabetize by author so you can find anything, and in the upper lefthand corner dropdown, change it from "Your library" to "All collections," so nothing is left out.

And I have an explanation of my rating system on my profile, click on "quettandil" where it says "Member: quettandil" above the book listing.

I should probably put the ratings directly on my blog for greater convenience, sorry. Not all of my reviews are on LibraryThing, since I haven't paid the cheap fee to upgrade my account from the 200-book max. When I first started doing reviews, before LibraryThing, the idea of rating the books didn't excite me.

I keep meaning to go look at your Big Book List again to see if there are any updates I can make, or suggestions. Sorry.

Rick said...

No problem!

I try to grow the Big Book List a little (or a lot if I have time) each week.

I'm getting close to having at least one entry for every book on the Shared Kindle account. Simultaneously, I'm also adding books and authors from my own account and that I own in tree-killing format.

From there, I somewhat randomly try to sleuth out complete lists of works by authors, which end up connecting me to other authors they collaborated with, or editors who published anthologies, etc.

Putting your list and ratings into the mix seems like something I could do fairly easily, and sometime fairly soon.