Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DA Love

"DA" being deviantart, of course. Since the last time (back in March) I pointed out on here that I'd updated my gallery, I've uploaded quite a lot. First I've got some miscellaneous pictures, mostly dealing with nature but some with people (including some kids at my church -- so cute!), then some beach shots, and then it soon transitions to a trip John and I made. After a few of those I put up my airplane shots (coming back from the trip). Those are good. Then several of Lucy, and back to miscellanea.

The airplane shots include this one:

While it wasn't my favorite of all of them, at least not in print form (I prefer "Look to the Light", a few photos later in my gallery), it seems to be everyone else's favorite! It made it up to 100 favorites (other people marking it as a favorite, allowing them to collect it on their own "favorites" page for later viewing, and influencing what will show up when you search for popular images) pretty quickly, and is now at 120. I knew it was a good sign when, almost immediately after uploading it, it passed my previous high, which I think was 6 on a picture. Yeah. And then it just kept going. It was exciting. I was excited. If you check my journal entries on DA, you'll see what I mean.

I also loooove my favorites. You should check them out. Especially by browsing through the collections on the side. I'm not finished tweaking the collections, but they're still organized better than just browsing through the favorites. Those are in the order that I added them. Sub-optimal. Oh, and I know that it's much easier to browse through tons of images by looking at the thumbnails and then clicking on a few that catch the eye (I do it all the time myself); but I highly encourage clicking on one, clicking again for full view, and then proceeding with the "forward" link, which will show you the next image in full view. There are some amazing images that one simply cannot see are amazing as a thumbnail.

Well, I think that's all for the DA lovin'... for now. Cheers. =)

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Robert said...

Yay for DA! ^.^

Um, random comment since I'm leaving a comment anyways... I'm pretty sure my Dragons (and Fantasy, if you faved that one?) collection did indeed disappear from your faves, I'm guessing you never got around to fixing that?

Also, I forget if I mentioned that, yeah, I found out recently-ish I can leave comments on here and most other blogs just from having a Google account, which is nice.