Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yep. I know, it seems a shame to go to bed before 40,000. But I'll get there tomorrow. Or I'd better. This is going to be a very tight week. But I will make it, somehow. Stupid Thanksgiving. No, good thanksgiving. I give thanks for it. Yes. And for novels, too. I'm a teensy bit loopy at the moment, having spent two days trying to work on my novel ALL DAY, and having semi-succeeded, while still only managing something like... what, 4,000 words a day? Blech. (For perspective, it really only takes an hour to write more than a thousand words, when you're not completely stuck, not counting breaks, so that's only about four hours of writing a day, and yet I was working all day, really, really I was...) But...

...I actually figured out how my novel's going to end! Squeeeeeeeee!!!

I think. If I don't later decide I hate it. And the execution and details are a bit tricky. But whatever. I stick my tongue out at writer's block. Then I apologize profusely, not wanting writer's block to take offense and strike again before December 1st.

I actually wrote part of the ending too, complete with "The End," which is just silly, because real published books don't end with that. At least not most of the time. But again, whatever. Now I just need to fill in the pesky area between the spot I'd written up to earlier and the ending... and flesh out some of the scenes that I had shortened to ridiculously concise sketches.

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