Saturday, February 28, 2009

Timing could be better...

Aaaaah! I forgot NaNoEdMo starts tomorrow. Botheration. 50 hours of editing in one month. In some ways that's worse than NaNoWriMo, because I think I averaged slightly more than 1000 words an hour, meaning I spent less than 50 hours on it in November. But 50 hours of editing is 50 hours of editing. It's irreducible.

But what's the problem? I was working on editing anyway. It's just... a little more intense now. But doable, just like NaNoWriMo was doable. Yeah. 20 hours a week at work, 20 hours a week job searching, maybe a few hours getting started on Cookie Lee, and about 12 hours a week on editing. No problem. I'll be fine. I may not have time to do a lot of reading, but I've done so very much reading over my lifetime that I've got an extra store of inspiration to draw on, I don't necessarily need to keep adding to it simultaneous with writing... yeah. And March even has 31 days, not like November... What am I grumbling about? NaNoEdMo! I get to take a giant step forward with my novel! Yay! Yes.


Melanie said...

20 hours job searching? Ugh. That doesn't sound terribly fun. ...Good luck!

Oh, and enjoy your editing, too! :)

Marcy said...

No. No, it doesn't. Thanks! It has gotten better since I posted this, though. I've found a temporary job, which I won't be specific about on my blog, following Liz's lead. But it pays well, and it takes some of the pressure off. I still need to find something else, for when it ends around the end of May, beginning of June. But it's much less urgent, so I'm not going to spend quite as much time on that, for now. More time on Cookie Lee. Yay! And, hopefully, I'll catch up on editing!