Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Clement

First Clement by Clement, from The Apostolic Fathers in English translated and edited by Michael W. Holmes, after the earlier version of J.B. Lightfoot & J.R. Harmer
Read: 5/1/09
LibraryThing tags: Theology, SLOBS

I found First Clement interesting in a rather academic sort of way, but was less generally interested than I was in Athanasius, and soaked up less. It's a very early letter, "...one of the earliest extant Christian documents outside the New Testament." I found it interesting (that word again -- sorry, but I did, it's the best word in this case, honest and true, I'm not being a lazy writer) how similar it was to 1 and 2 Corinthians in certain respects (First Clement was also written to the Corinthian church), and how much the author quoted Scripture. And that's about all I remember getting out of it. I should probably read it again sometime... It's too bad I didn't make it to the SLOBS discussion on it and Athanasius. That probably would have helped.

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