Friday, August 21, 2009

Stupid Internet

Okay, okay, obviously I'm not that upset with it. Still, I give up on researching SMF (standard manuscript format) online. I'm placing a hold on a good old-fashioned book (which I chose during online research, of course) through the library (well, using the library's website, of course).

Wading through contradictory advice about The Standard is getting annoying. The book is Writer's Digest, so it should be reliable. Don't know if it'll be adequate. I found very important information on epigraphs
(along the lines of "DON'T" -- don't try using them until after your manuscript's accepted, because at the very least it'll really annoy the agent or editor evaluating your manuscript, for a number of reasons) here. If I see nothing about this in the book, I will conclude it is inadequate. Then I'll check to see if the beloved 2010 Guide to Literary Agents or 2010 Writer's Market I've been drooling over for so long (well, I was drooling over the 2009 ones before, but same difference) have any articles that mention it. If they don't... well, I guess I'll be sad. And paranoid about how religiously I must follow publishing sorts of blogs such as the one I already linked to or Miss Snark's.

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