Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Crack Myself Up

So, on my dinner break at work tonight I've been going through what I have of my rough draft of Sometimes Blind thus far, just making quick little edits, trying to make it ever so slightly more presentable as a rough draft for a First Reader.

Now, Word has a handy dandy little "insert comment" feature that I like to use liberally as I write and edit, to keep me from getting bogged down when I need to keep writing rather than stopping and making the changes immediately. I came to one of those comments tonight.

For a little context, this is after the main character has stepped through a portal into a different world, and I've already made clear that only a few people in this other world speak English, and each of them for very specific reasons. So the comment that amused me reads, "Um, an issue here of…. Why the heck does he speak English?!!! AAAAaaaaaahhh!!!"
That character... hadn't, earlier. Since that comment will NOT be making it into later drafts, I thought I'd share my amusement with all y'all now.

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vespreardens said...

Language can be tricky with writing. I'm being very particular with it in my current book, but I'm a bit worried it will be distracting to some. We'll see after it's done, I suppose.