Saturday, February 05, 2011

Alphabetized Book Reviews

I think I shall make alphabetized lists of my book reviews. One by author, one by title, like Sondy used to do for Sonderbooks. I like that better than a search box -- depending on the search technology, it can be hard to be sure you haven't missed a book, to prove a negative. It's pretty easy with alphabetization. I can never remember whether Alexander McCall Smith is properly filed under "M" or "S," but all I have to do is check both places.

I don't post nearly as many reviews as I mean to, and at times I go quite a while without adding any new ones, but nonetheless, it's not something I'm going to stop doing entirely any time soon. It makes sense to me to have them organized by a little more than a loose chronology ("loose" because it doesn't necessarily even correspond to the order I originally read the books, or when I started writing about them).

Oh, and I hadn't noticed, apparently blogspot now has a thing about publishing pages as well as posts. I was thinking that possibly the next two posts would be beginnings of lists, and I'd create links to them in my sidebar, then update those posts as I added reviews. A little clunky, but it seemed like the way to go, using a blogging website rather than an independent website. And I like blogspot. But I guess now I won't be doing that. Still linking to each review and alphabetizing it by hand, since I don't want to go through all the trouble of finding an easier way, but that shouldn't be that bad, especially once I'm done with the old reviews. Besides, I'm not working at a bookstore or a library right now. If I can't mess with my own book organization, I just might go crazy.

Of course, if you're reading this on facebook, you'd have to click the link to the original post for any of this to be relevant. Clearly you should do that. At least, you know, if you've heard of a book, you're not sure yet if you're intrigued enough to read it, and so you think, "I wonder what Marcy thinks of that book?  I wonder if she's written a review of it?  Does she think I should read it?  I should go check!"  Yeah... I mean, I know that happens to me all the time. Ooh, or if you want to buy a book and you remember that I reviewed it and that if you buy it on amazon and use my link to get to amazon and purchase said book I get a teeny bit of money. It's never happened yet, but it could, darn it. Especially with handy alphabetized lists for easier reference. Uh-huh.

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