Monday, April 23, 2012

March Madness

Six posts in February, none at all in March, and none until now for April. Sorry. For once it isn't just my general inconsistency. "March Madness" has a whole new meaning now for me and for my family.

February 29th we received bad news, about which I will remain vague. Another first. I will not be "painfully honest" about this one.

Wait... saying that and linking to praise of my "excellent" writing for the Alzheimer's Competition is kind of a humble brag, isn't it? Though the bit about "sometimes painfully honest" made me wince? Um, sorry. But I'm leaving it in. Someday I'm going to write a post about why I write the honest painful stuff.

Back to the subject at hand. Of all the people in my husband John's immediate family, I'm the least affected, so it isn't mine to tell. But it was bad, and had Ramifications for the next month. And the rest of our lives, but, well, it all started last month. Last month was bad.

March 2nd John's mom and sister Beth flew out here, and Beth began sleeping some nights on our couch. We'd already been planning on having her live with us this summer, February 29th just moved it up. It's been good, having her around.

March 6th I had an appointment with my medical doctor about depression. I may tell my whole depression-but-not-exactly-clinical-depression story in another post, but for now I'll just say the doctor annoyed me, but did conclude after a questionnaire that I have mild to moderate depression, and gave me a referral to the psychiatry department covered by my insurance.

March 12th I found out I'm pregnant! Most of you already know that, but for any strangers who read my blog, if you care, I'm pregnant. (Okay, even if you don't care. I still am.) Don't worry, I probably won't be turning this into a mommy blog. I'm sure there will be occasional posts -- I've had more than one facebook status update about how WEIRD pregnancy is, and I'm pretty sure parenting just continues the weirdness. I'll want to write about it. But it won't be the only thing I write about. I'm pretty sure. Feel free to complain if it is.

But anywho, I concluded my weird sharp fast intense mood swings in February were probably hormone-related, just as I'd thought. Only because of pregnancy, not because of the last vestiges of adjustment from stopping birth control pills. Either way, take that, annoying doctor who had the nerve to claim depression can only be caused by problems with serotonin! ::sticks out tongue at doctor, does not say "ahh"::

I may write more about that, later, too. Probably still in the post about my sort-of-depression-but-not-really-clinical. I've got a rant inside me just waiting to come out.

March 13th, after telling my mom, I announced the pregnancy on facebook, with this picture: