Sunday, March 03, 2013

Rhythm and Rhyme

I get Marian Call songs stuck in my head, and it is no bad thing. The other day I was struck again by her rhythm and rhyme, and the contrast with... other lyrics.

Take, for example, Weezer's
"I swear it's true
Without you my heart is blue."

(I admit it, it's not fair, this is not a random example. I picked these lines because they particularly bug me. For some odd reason.)

And then there's Marian Call. The lines running through my head the other morning:
"She'd collect on the cash, but her victory stung
She cursed at the cat that had captured her tongue."

Ah. Sigh of pleasure and relief. (Fun alliteration in this sample, too. Bit of assonance even, for that matter.)

Or how about:
"So you unpacked your camera to frame the good times,
And I nabbed a used napkin to scribble some lines.
The chemistry swept us both off our toes --
You shot no one else -- I couldn't compose --"

See, Weezer? Not "off our feet," but "off our toes" -- you tweak a cliché just a tiny bit, and your line becomes about a million times better. Objectively.

Dang it, now I have Weezer stuck in my head. ("Girl!")

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