Sunday, December 28, 2014

WorkFlowy Sharing Hub

In October I discovered WorkFlowy, and slowly but surely fell in love.

Um, maybe not that slowly. Soon it replaced a couple other things I'd been using.

It's deceptively simple. Like your first sheet of paper. Almost too flexible, but if you've used a more structured task or note-taking app before, much of the structure can be reproduced.

As far as "notebooks" or projects and sub-projects, it has infinite nesting, which I love. That, combined with tagging, makes it pretty powerful.

But anyway, my objective isn't really to sell you on it. See, WorkFlowy's free version is limited. It goes by how many new items you can add every month, starting out at 250. But if you share WorkFlowy and someone else signs up using your link, you both get another 250 every month.

No, my objective still isn't to sell you on it and get you to sign up with my link. See, I mentioned it casually in a guild on HabitRPG, not trying to troll for more space either, but just because those sorts of apps came up in the conversation. But someone liked it and signed up before I knew it, and I retroactively mentioned the linking thing, thinking that if he liked it that much and if he hadn't done much with his new account yet, he might want to start over to get more items.

He didn't, but without even trying I got a bunch of other people in the guild signing up with my link, until I told them someone else should share theirs, as I really didn't need any more space.

Seriously. I'm allotted 1250 new items a month, now. And if I delete an old item, that counts towards my available balance. At the moment, here towards the end of the month, I've used... 589. That's writing down a lot of stuff every day. (I might want to journal this later... or if not, I can always delete it...)


I'm going to mention WorkFlowy every now and then in my posts. I don't know how often, but I know myself, and I have one written with a mention already, and I will. I was thinking we could use the comments on this post to help anyone who wants to use WorkFlowy.

If you're already using it and you think you could use more free space, put your link in the comments. When you're sure you have more space than you need, take it down or edit your comment to that effect.

Intrigued and want to sign up? Check for links in the comments, and you'll start with twice the space you otherwise would.



Christopher O'Dell said...

Awesome. Thanks for this.

Marcy said...

:) You're welcome! I hope it works! (i.e. more people really see and use it)