Sunday, December 12, 2004

Last Things

School is practically over now! Forever... unless I go on to grad school someday. There is one assignment I should still turn in, but I'll pass the class and graduate even if I don't, and I really want to be done. I am feeling quite unmotivated. And I'm happy to be done with my 22-page paper and presentation on Violence and its Effects in Northern Ireland. The research was quite interesting, and I think my power-point presentation turned out well. The paper could have been better, but it was decent and I received a decent grade. I hope I didn't write anything in the paper which someone actually from Ireland would know is incorrect. My sources were Irish, but I still felt a little presumptous writing the paper and never having been to Northern Ireland myself.

I've also sung in my last Chorale concert. I think. I mean, I'm graduating, so I doubt I'll ever sing in Chorale again, but then, when I left Chorale last time I didn't think I was going to be in it again either, because at the time I was going to graduate in a year, and I had decided not to be in Chorale that "last" year. Sorry, that was a very long sentence. Anyway, this time I really am graduating. Of course, if I do come back for an M.A. in Applied Linguistics I technically could be in Chorale again, it just doesn't seem likely at the moment. Which is sad -- I really like singing in a good choir. It can be very busy, but it's worth it! Initially I didn't really want to sing in two chapels and two concerts this week, plus rehearsals, but if nothing else, singing the Hallelujah Chorus made it more than worth it. Singing the Hallelujah Chorus was also good because if we hadn't, it would've broken my tradition of singing the alto part every year since 8th grade (and twice one year). I didn't go back to the high school Christmas Concert to sing Silent Night and the Hallelujah Chorus as an alumna this year, and even if I had, they didn't sing them -- new director. It's a stupid tradition for a new director to end, but oh well.

I just finished reading Making Sense out of Suffering by Peter Kreeft the other day. It's an amazing book, I highly recommend it. Everyone should read it. I also went to see Torrey's production of "A Christmas Carol" tonight. It made me cry several times in the first half. I would say that everyone should see it, but it's too late now, it was the last performance tonight -- which means it actually fits in with the theme of this post!

Random Quote:
Me: "I am female. I am an alumna."
Joi: "You are not an alumna. You are a snort!"

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