Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Apartment Chatting

Rachel has joined the chat.
Liz[10:49:30 PM]: Who's Dr. Ciocci?
Liz[10:49:33 PM]: LOL
Liz[10:49:35 PM]: Rachel!
Liz[10:49:40 PM]: What are you doing here?
Marcy[10:49:41 PM]: he teaches intro to logic
Rachel[10:49:43 PM]: Rachel has gone to bed
Rachel[10:49:45 PM]: ;-P
Liz[10:49:46 PM]: Ah, ok
Rachel[10:49:48 PM]: oh wait
Marcy[10:49:51 PM]: oh, i was going to say she woke up
Rachel[10:49:52 PM]: I'm at my desk
Rachel[10:49:54 PM]: crap
Liz[10:49:58 PM]: LOL
Marcy[10:50:10 PM]: lol too, if you couldn't hear me....
Rachel[10:50:13 PM]: I woke up because I was thirsty
Liz[10:50:28 PM]: I thought I heard someone wandering around the house...
Rachel[10:50:36 PM]: so of course the best thing to do when one is thirsty is to immediately check bubbs
Liz[10:50:55 PM]: Oh, yes, because that will quench your thirst so fast...
Marcy[10:51:01 PM]: of course! (that's what I always do when I'm thirsty)
Liz[10:51:12 PM]: Just drink up that addictive Bubbs-juice!
Marcy[10:51:13 PM]: or when you're thirsty
Marcy[10:51:19 PM]: when anyone's thirsty, really
Rachel[10:51:20 PM]: I was having a dream that I had to give a presentation about the job skills test I took this morning
Marcy[10:51:33 PM]: that's an odd dream
Liz[10:51:34 PM]: Eeeew
Liz[10:51:43 PM]: I'd be thirsty after a dream like that, too
Marcy[10:52:21 PM]: i counter your job skills presentation dream with... BUBBS!
Rachel[10:52:46 PM]: ahhhhhhhh!!!!
Liz[10:52:47 PM]: Wow, is it like some sort of game now?
Liz[10:52:50 PM]: /ponder
Rachel[10:53:12 PM]: I think I also woke up because of a severe lack of teen girl squad in my diet
Rachel[10:53:18 PM]: I should fix that
Liz[10:53:18 PM]: LOL
Marcy[10:53:20 PM]: yes, the question is: what sort of dream?
Marcy[10:53:31 PM]: i mean, what sort of game?
Rachel[10:53:33 PM]: No! I want to go back to sleep! No cartoons! Yes cartoons! AHHHHH!
Liz[10:53:46 PM]: Mmmmm.... cartoons....
Liz[10:53:52 PM]: They taste like chicken
Rachel[10:54:00 PM]: so does bubbs
Liz[10:54:13 PM]: Bubbs tastes like digital chicken
Liz[10:54:35 PM]: I have no idea what type of game it is... just that it's fun
Marcy[10:54:56 PM]: "cartoon" and "chicken" have the same # of letters, and they both start with "c". They must be related somehow.
Liz[10:55:11 PM]: They have the same uncle
Marcy[10:55:16 PM]: ahhhh
Liz[10:55:32 PM]: Uncle Chester
Rachel[10:55:37 PM]: cheese
Marcy[10:55:45 PM]: Ah, that's better than Uncle Carlote
Rachel[10:55:52 PM]: eeeeewwww
Liz[10:55:56 PM]: Uncle Carlote?!
Marcy[10:56:08 PM]: You know, like I very large Uncle Carl
Marcy[10:56:42 PM]: sorry, like a very large, not like I very large
Liz[10:57:17 PM]: "Like I very large..." Don't torment your English major roommate with bad grammar!
Rachel[10:57:38 PM]: oh dear... an english major and a lingust
Marcy[10:57:51 PM]: I wasn't going to say it, I was just typing fast and my fingers made a mistake... I grovel in humble apology.
Liz[10:58:28 PM]: Darn right. Groveling humbleness is a suitable penance
Liz[10:58:42 PM]: It also tastes good with jam
Rachel[10:58:45 PM]: my dad used to make me do that
Rachel[10:58:55 PM]: er, wait... no, he did it when I was mad at him
Rachel[10:59:13 PM]: usually made me a little more mad, but I could never keep from laughing
Marcy[10:59:14 PM]: mmmm... groveling humbleness... hey, don't you mean groveling humility? Aren't you the English major?! (=
Liz[10:59:35 PM]: Shush!
Liz[10:59:53 PM]: Don't question the English major on matters of grammar!
Liz[11:00:00 PM]: Or spelling!
Liz[11:00:05 PM]: Or fragmented sentences!
Marcy[11:00:23 PM]: I won't... question her, exactly...
Marcy[11:00:33 PM]: Never!
Liz[11:00:37 PM]: Or how I know it tastes good with jam...
Marcy[11:01:18 PM]: How... do you eat it with jam? Does it taste kind of like bread?
Liz[11:01:30 PM]: Sort of
Liz[11:01:41 PM]: It's a bit more gritty
Liz[11:02:15 PM]: Oh, wait, no, I was wrong. It's not groveling humbleness that tastes good with jam. It's gravelly hummice.
Rachel[11:02:31 PM]: LOL!!!
Marcy[11:02:32 PM]: that would explain the grit
Liz[11:02:40 PM]: Exactly
Marcy[11:03:08 PM]: Mmmmm.... gravelly hummice... just what I always wanted!
Liz[11:03:18 PM]: With jam!
Marcy[11:03:23 PM]: Right!
Liz[11:03:55 PM]: Gravelly hummice with jam! Infinitely better than spam!
Marcy[11:04:15 PM]: That's the best slogan I've heard in a while
Rachel[11:04:46 PM]: and thus is it now on my blog
Marcy[11:05:08 PM]: how do you suppose peanut butter and jelly tastes on gravelly hummice?
Liz[11:05:16 PM]: I'd eat it at lunch, dinner, breakfast or brunch, oh, gravelly hummice and jam!
Liz[11:05:28 PM]: Hmmm...
Liz[11:05:33 PM]: I don't know, I've never had it
Rachel[11:05:37 PM]: I like green eggs and jam
Rachel[11:05:39 PM]: er, spam
Rachel[11:05:40 PM]: lamb
Rachel[11:05:43 PM]: hm
Rachel[11:05:48 PM]: iamb?
Liz[11:05:49 PM]: LOL
Rachel[11:05:57 PM]: Pam!
Rachel[11:06:03 PM]: oh wait, I don't know a Pam
Liz[11:06:04 PM]: Does iamb taste like a foot?
Rachel[11:06:17 PM]: no, more like a sort of pentameter
Marcy[11:06:25 PM]: ow, i do not like gravelly hummice and jamb, i do not like it, Sam I Am!
Liz[11:06:37 PM]: Jamb?
Liz[11:06:45 PM]: Now we're eating doors, eh?
Marcy[11:06:51 PM]: Yeah, you know, like a door jamb.... yes.
Rachel[11:07:05 PM]: ::chews thoughtfully::
Marcy[11:07:59 PM]: do you suppose that's why there was blood on the door jamb downstairs in the library? Someone lost a tooth on itL
Marcy[11:08:06 PM]: ? not L
Rachel[11:08:12 PM]: eeeeeeewwww
Rachel[11:08:23 PM]: you're not supposed to eat them when they're raw
Marcy[11:08:29 PM]: ooooooohhhhhh
Marcy[11:08:35 PM]: oops
Rachel[11:08:37 PM]: medium rare, at least. sheehs.
Liz[11:08:52 PM]: That's right. They have to be slowly grilled over mesquite
Liz[11:09:04 PM]: With barbecue sauce
Marcy[11:09:06 PM]: otherwise they're almost as bad as grape nuts
Liz[11:09:06 PM]: And jam
Rachel[11:09:11 PM]: but be careful not to get West Nile Virus
Liz[11:09:28 PM]: Yeah, and grape nuts are pretty bad :P
Rachel[11:09:32 PM]: Mesquitos.... barbecued oat cereal
Marcy[11:09:44 PM]: yum, yum
Liz[11:09:54 PM]: Barbecued oak cereal
Rachel[11:09:58 PM]: and jam
Liz[11:10:12 PM]: On jamb
Rachel[11:10:22 PM]: BLAM!
Marcy[11:10:33 PM]: slam
Liz[11:10:38 PM]: Don't slam the jam in the jamb!
Liz[11:10:46 PM]: D***
Liz[11:10:53 PM]: Marcy said slam first
Rachel[11:10:55 PM]: lol
Marcy[11:11:24 PM]: that's no excuse
Liz[11:11:35 PM]: For?
Marcy[11:11:38 PM]: beats me
Marcy[11:11:45 PM]: uh, jam
Liz[11:11:54 PM]: Well, it shouldn't. It's not nice to beat people
Rachel[11:11:55 PM]: don't beat yourself. that's not wise.
Liz[11:12:12 PM]: Stop reading my thoughts, you freaks!
Marcy[11:12:12 PM]: i like how you were both typing that at the same time...
Marcy[11:12:15 PM]: yeah
Marcy[11:12:58 PM]: but it's so fun being a telepath...
Marcy[11:13:01 PM]: or maybe not
Liz[11:13:33 PM]: Ick, I wouldn't want to be a telepath
Liz[11:13:42 PM]: I don't want to know what guys are thinking about me
Rachel[11:13:49 PM]: what about a peletatch?
Liz[11:13:53 PM]: Or thinking about meat
Rachel[11:14:05 PM]: it's like a sort of cheetah, only completely different
Marcy[11:14:14 PM]: oh, yes, we like those
Liz[11:14:16 PM]: Cheetahs are nice
Liz[11:14:40 PM]: Does a peletatch have a long, fluffy tail?
Rachel[11:14:54 PM]: several
Marcy[11:14:57 PM]: they run fast. so does this creature at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It's really tiny, but it can run 60 mph, or something crazy like that. I don't think it's a peletatch, though.
Rachel[11:15:08 PM]: whoa
Marcy[11:15:23 PM]: yeah, it didn't have multiple fluffy tails, couldn't be.
Liz[11:15:43 PM]: I like fluffy-tailed critters
Liz[11:15:48 PM]: The more, the better
Marcy[11:15:57 PM]: let's get some!
Liz[11:16:00 PM]: Yes!
Liz[11:16:09 PM]: Oh, wait, they'll kill Meghan
Marcy[11:16:17 PM]: oops
Rachel[11:16:23 PM]: oops
Liz[11:16:50 PM]: I've been to the San Diego Zoo more times than I've been to Disneyland
Rachel[11:16:59 PM]: wow
Rachel[11:17:03 PM]: I went once when I was a little kid
Liz[11:17:27 PM]: We used to go almost every weekend for a while. It was great.
Liz[11:17:30 PM]: I love animals
Rachel[11:18:49 PM]: yeah... especially cooked.... mmmm....
Liz[11:21:08 PM]: LOL
Liz[11:21:45 PM]: PETA- People for Eating Tasty Animals
Rachel[11:22:04 PM]: YES
Liz[11:22:48 PM]: Hmmm... I'm supposed to be doing a paper....
Liz[11:22:51 PM]: I don't want to...
Marcy[11:23:05 PM]: this is WAAAY more fun
Marcy[11:23:10 PM]: good idea, Liz
Liz[11:23:25 PM]: Yeah, it is way more fun
Marcy[11:23:37 PM]: lots of things are way more fun than papers
Liz[11:23:49 PM]: Although I bet my paper won't take very long, since I'm mostly editing it and adding commentary anyway
Marcy[11:23:55 PM]: yeah
Liz[11:24:11 PM]: I should eat something more than a bowl of cereal and some chocolates for dinner, too
Liz[11:24:19 PM]: Especially seeing how I didn't eat lunch
Marcy[11:24:21 PM]: jam!
Liz[11:24:38 PM]: Gravelly hummice and jam!
Rachel[11:24:41 PM]: door jam!
Rachel[11:24:42 PM]: b
Marcy[11:24:53 PM]: infinitely better than spam!
Liz[11:25:15 PM]: I'd eat it for lunch, dinner, breakfast or brunch...
Marcy[11:25:28 PM]: gravelly hummice and jam!
Liz[11:25:34 PM]: And jamb...
Liz[11:25:45 PM]: With the jam...
Rachel[11:25:48 PM]: and dennis
Liz[11:25:58 PM]: And your mom
Rachel[11:26:00 PM]: obvious exists are not dennis
Liz[11:26:36 PM]: Your mom is not Dennis
Rachel[11:26:55 PM]: true, true
Marcy[11:27:01 PM]: i know, let's have joi and rachel both on rachel's computer, and then they can both chat! It's inspired! Or insipid...
Rachel[11:27:07 PM]: I'm going back to bed now
Liz[11:27:10 PM]: Awwww
Marcy[11:27:11 PM]: d'oh!
Liz[11:27:26 PM]: So much for dual-teaming Joi and Rachel on one computer
Rachel[11:27:38 PM]: we'd squish it
Liz[11:27:47 PM]: Possibly
Liz[11:27:56 PM]: But it would be fun squishing!
Rachel[11:27:59 PM]: Edward doesn't like being squished
Marcy[11:27:59 PM]: don't want that
Rachel[11:28:03 PM]: she's very sensitive
Liz[11:28:04 PM]: ...
Marcy[11:28:07 PM]: squished computer jam
Liz[11:28:08 PM]: Edward?
Rachel[11:28:23 PM]: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the IV
Rachel[11:28:35 PM]: she's a girl
Marcy[11:28:40 PM]: i sense a virus in that last name
Liz[11:28:40 PM]: That's an excessively long name for a computer
Rachel[11:28:40 PM]: girl computer, I mean
Liz[11:28:46 PM]: Mine is called Gir
Rachel[11:28:50 PM]: Ed made it up herself
Marcy[11:29:00 PM]: mine is called, "hey, you, computer!"
Marcy[11:29:05 PM]: I'm kind of like a dad that way
Rachel[11:29:12 PM]: every watch Cowboy Bebop?
Marcy[11:29:19 PM]: only a teeny bit
Liz[11:29:19 PM]: Yeah
Liz[11:29:41 PM]: It was very good
Rachel[11:29:50 PM]: Ed is named after that Ed
Liz[11:30:03 PM]: Oh, alright. That makes sense now
Marcy[11:30:08 PM]: my computer's named after... well, sequentially, after me
Rachel[11:30:15 PM]: I guess then, that her proper name would actually be Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky V, not IV
Liz[11:30:18 PM]: You should name the hum Ein, since it's always with your computer
Liz[11:30:38 PM]: Your computer's name is Marcy???
Liz[11:30:47 PM]: *hub, not hum
Marcy[11:30:58 PM]: no, just... i should say chronologically after me
Rachel[11:31:09 PM]: I'm thinking about naming my car Ien
Marcy[11:31:10 PM]: i was going to say, her computer's not that noisy
Rachel[11:31:11 PM]: er, Ein
Liz[11:31:17 PM]: Well, considering when computers came into being...
Rachel[11:31:21 PM]: either Ein or Igor or Hey Steve
Liz[11:31:28 PM]: LOL
Liz[11:31:33 PM]: I like Hey Steve
Rachel[11:31:40 PM]: so does everybody else
Liz[11:31:50 PM]: Ooooh, you should name it Sweet Cuppin' Cakes!
Rachel[11:31:55 PM]: LOL
Rachel[11:32:05 PM]: makes it sound like a pimp care
Liz[11:32:15 PM]: Could you see the look on Tim's face when you said, "I'm gonna take Sweet Cuppin' Cakes out for a drive now...."
Rachel[11:32:30 PM]: Hey Steve!
Rachel[11:33:00 PM]: ok, sleep now
Rachel[11:33:02 PM]: night-night
Liz[11:33:02 PM]: Ok
Liz[11:33:06 PM]: Goodnight!


luminarumbra said...

I still want to know what Tim's response would be if Rachel said she had to take Sweet Cuppin' Cakes out for a drive.

Rachel said...

If I remember I'll try it and let you know.

luminarumbra said...