Thursday, December 16, 2004

My mind is going... I must be getting old. Or wait, I know! I'm studying Japanese!

The last couple days I've been working on Japanese, primarily on learning Hiragana (one of the writing systems). Today I came across a symbol which didn't look familiar -- two circles, one on top of the other -- so I went to another website where I could easily look at all the Hiragana symbols. Nope, it wasn't there. Then I looked at the Katakana. Nope, not there either. I began to wonder if they'd thrown in Kanji, which they hadn't done yet in those lessons. I looked at the sentence, and figured out that the symbol meant eight. That was when it struck me -- the symbol was the regular symbol for the number eight -- 8! It was in a weird font, so it didn't look quite like normal... but wow.

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luminarumbra said...

You've been studying Japanese too much if you can't recognize numbers anymore.