Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Fridge Cleaning

The number of roommates in the apartment has been dwindling day by day, until now I am the last one remaining. I win! Er, something... I guess it's nice having the place to myself, although in general I prefer to live with lots of people, simply because I always have. But I'm going to be spending enough time at my parents' house in the upcoming days that having a quiet place to come back to will be good, it should keep me from going into people overload.

Today, wondering if I had any tuna or soup I'd put in the refrigerator earlier and forgotten about, I began examining some of the random containers in there. The results were not pretty. There are some drawbacks to having five people living in one apartment; one of them is that people put leftovers in the fridge and the leftovers sort of get lost in the crowd, and then... well, "out of sight, out of mind." It's easy to think that your own leftovers actually belong to someone else, and so some are never claimed. They sit there, rotting, until some poor soul is foolish enough to investigate. It's truly amazing how many varieties of mold exist in our world. And the sheer quantity in some of those little tupperware bowls! I mean, would you like a little pasta with your mold?!

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