Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What is Your True Hidden Power?

Uh, sure, whatever. I'm really not that angelic, but if you want to think so...

Your Hidden Power Is Light

You have a happy yes quite soul. You keep
somethings to yourself and like to be alone but
don't mind showing your bright side to your
friends. You find that hell is the worst of all
scince your an angl from heavan. You use your
powers for the forces of good to protect gods

Gem Stone: Canary Diamond, Eye
Golden,Hair Color:Blonde that
goes to your shoulders

Quote:In my field of paper flowersAnd candy clouds of lulabyI lie inside myself for hoursAnd watch my purple sky fly over me

What Is Your True Hidden Power? .::Beautiful Anime Pics::.
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luminarumbra said...

A happy yes quite soul! Woo! *Engrish alarm goes off*

Aww, now, while you are quite fiesty at times, and no one is angelic, we all know you are a very nice person and you can't hide it. Ha! Your secret is out now!

Marcy said...

(= Mmmm... native Engrish speaker...

'Doh! Now everyone is going to know I'm nice! I've blown my own cover.

Nah, I guess the part of the description I took issue with was "You find that hell is the worst of all
scince your an angl from heavan." Not only am I not an "angl from heavan," I'm also not an angel from heaven. But you're right, who is (other than angels, I mean...)?