Saturday, February 05, 2005


Curses upon all who increase the price of the car they're selling by $300 after you've already been talking to them about it for two weeks, you've spent $50 getting the stupid car inspected, and you even have the check written out, ready to hand over!!! Well, ok, not real curses, she's a nice person and I wouldn't really want to hurt her... quite... but gaaaaahhhh!!!!

Not that this has happened to anyone, of course. I'm just speaking in generalities, about all the people in the world who might do that. It's pure coincidence that I happen to be looking for a car right now (or was looking for a car until two weeks ago, and have now started looking again), since sometime last month the cable to my gas pedal broke, and I'm tired of putting money into that car. I was already thinking of getting a new one, actually. It's just more urgent now, since I need to have some way of getting to stores to look at wedding dresses and such. Not to mention buying groceries.

Did I mention I'm ticked?

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