Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Midnight Musings

I should definitely be in bed right now. But I checked my e-mail, and things proceeded naturally from there. I'm not in the mood to sleep quite yet, although I am tired, and I know I'll regret this tomorrow. Ah well, I won't take long to write this.

I feel very calm at the moment, but a lot of Bad Stuff has been happening. Not to me personally (just to people I love, that's all...), so I can't really be very specific on a forum as public as this one. If you want to know more, ask me and I'll tell you what I can.

One thing I think I can write is that my mom was in the hospital this past weekend. She seems to be ok now, but it was scary. She said she felt worse than she had since her heart attack, almost three years ago now. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong, so hopefully there isn't. It was a good reminder to me that I love my mom and would miss her terribly if anything happened to her, despite all her faults and how frustrated I can get with her (and yes, she certainly has faults -- contrary to popular belief, bearing twelve children does NOT automatically make a woman a saint. But like I said, I love her.).

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