Friday, December 02, 2005


I wrote this almost two months ago, but I doubt it's the last time I'll feel like this.

Why is that whenever you're stressed, busy, overburdened, etc., and you just want someone to talk to who'll understand, you always seem to find someone whose response is, "Well that's not so bad. I work more hours than that." Well, that's not my fault. Has it ever occured to you that not all people have the same capacities or abilities? And that that doesn't mean that the rest of us just need to buckle up, work harder and catch up with you? At least John, although he sometimes seems to be able to do more than I, understands my limits and encourages me not to attempt more than I can handle.

"Current mood?" Next time I see an efficient person coming my way, I think I might just run and hide. Or maybe scream. That sounds more satisfying.

Of course, I was raised to belive goodness consisted of doing everything that might possibly be considered a responsibility (and then you can play!). That might be why the words of the Efficient Ones have such power to make me feel like dirt. Must... fight... wrongheaded childhood thinking!

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