Monday, June 19, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution Top Ten List

You know a DDR song is hard when...

10. The controller was new when you started the song, but by the end it seems to be broken.

9. You manage to knock your own glasses off as you play, causing yourself to fail in less than half a second.

8. You fail, but still get a standing ovation from people watching.

7. You find yourself planning meals around your next attempt.

6. You’re kicked out a minute into it and happily say, “Wow, I’m getting good at this one!”

5. You try playing it with a regular Playstation controller, but your fingers can’t move that fast.

4. You know that if you were in a cartoon the game pad would catch on fire, you’re dancing so fast.

3. The “DJ” asks, “Are your legs ok?” and you try to yell back, “No!” – but the extra effort makes you fall over.

2. You try practicing by just watching the song and visualizing the steps you would use, but you still fall over.

1. All of the above – on the song’s second highest difficulty level.

1 comment :

luminarumbra said...

LOL! Ah, DDR... nothing else brings out the mongoose in the Marcy quite like it. Good times, good times....