Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Song of the Wanderer

Song of the Wanderer (The Unicorn Chronicles #2) by Bruce Coville

I read Song of the Wanderer and wrote this back in January, but here it is now. (The things I write often sit before I post them, in case I want to add more thoughts or edit in general. This one just sat a little longer than is customary.)

This is a sequel, but I won’t give you any plot spoilers, just my reaction to it and a poem from the book. I wasn’t super excited about the book at first – the first book was good, but not quite as good as I hoped, and this one is similar. It’s a young adult sort of book (the best young adult books are not of that sort). Enjoyable, but not exactly classic literature. However, two things helped to change my mind. The second was the way it ended – certain elements of the story came together beautifully. It had me wondering if Bruce Coville were consciously using the medieval idea of unicorns as Christ symbols. The first thing was this song:

Across the gently rolling hills,
Beyond high mountain peaks,
Along the shores of distant seas,
There’s something my heart seeks.

But there’s no peace in wandering,
The road’s not made for rest.
And footsore fools will never know
What home might suit them best.

But, oh, the things that I have seen,
The secret paths I’ve trod,
The hidden corners of the world
Known to none but me and God.

Yes, the world was meant for knowing,
And feet were meant to roam.
But one who’s always going
Will never find a home.

Oh, where’s the thread that binds me,
The voice that calls me back?
Where’s the love that finds me –
And what’s the root I lack?

And between each verse the now familiar chorus:

My heart seeks the hearth,
My feet seek the road.
A soul so divided
Is a terrible load.

My heart longs to rest,
My feet yearn to roam.
Shall I wander the world
Or stay safe at home?”

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