Monday, August 28, 2006

Bubbling Snails and Blasphemy

“I just really don’t want to hear about bubbling snails right now.” –Melanie (attempting to quote herself)

“Now your fingers are toasty warm.... Toast with bubbling snails on top.” –me

“She picked it up and went, ‘Oh, poor snail, its shell cracked!’ and then it started bubbling! –Melanie, with a quotation from Sarah Lown

“Who knew that gravelly hummus was God?” –me, drily [Explanation: see, first I explained how the snails and toast quote was inspired by, “Gravelly hummus and jam! Infinitely better than spam! Eat it for breakfast, dinner and lunch, gravelly hummus and jam!” (an old chat…), to which Melanie asked, drily, “Isn’t everything inspired by that?” To which I said, “In a way…” and then, also drily, the aforementioned quote.]

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luminarumbra said...

LOL. I'm glad to know random poems about bad food have had such an impact on society.