Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Day

I couldn't sleep. I didn't feel all that excited, but apparently I was, since I only slept from about 11:30 to 4:00. I think this year I was almost more excited to read the Christmas Scripture reading than I was about presents. It was my first Christmas using The Book of Common Prayer. I was very aware this year of the change from the Advent to Christmas season. And I was all in favor. (=

Not that I'm this super spiritual person who is always thinking of the true meaning of Christmas (but surely one need only read all my wish list posts to see that!). Reading the passages The Book of Common Prayer recommends every day just changes things, somehow. I'm glad. And incidentally, the Christmas season isn't over yet -- remember that! It won't be until January 6th.

I liked my Christmas presents. Many thanks to everyone who gave them. I love you all! Highlights at the moment are the iPod Shuffle John's parents gave me (hooray for music!) and
Fruits Basket 15 from Andrea, which I read yesterday. Good book. Fruits Basket is just so warm and fuzzy. Volume 16 comes out in April. I really liked all my presents, though. I'm so blessed in so many ways... Thank You, God, for Your many gifts to me and to all of us.

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