Thursday, October 18, 2007


Destiny: Child of the Sky (Symphony of Ages #3) by Elizabeth Haydon

The characters still seemed a little off in this one. Maybe more so than in the last. But still, I greatly anticipated certain scenes and eagerly read to the end. Some "offness" by no means ruined it for me. I won't say much about the bits of time travel that exist in the series, so as not to spoil things, but I will acknowledge that minimal time travel exists. That way I can tell you that it deals with time travel (such as there is) better than anything else I've ever read (that I can think of, anyway). Short of making fun of the whole thing, like Douglas Adams or Bill and Ted's, there are just so many pitfalls. This series took a rather different tack (again, purposely vague), and seems to have sidestepped most of the difficulties. Many kudos.

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