Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ultra Maniac Volume 1

Ultra Maniac Volume 1 by Wataru Yoshizumi

Oh, the cuteness! For those who have seen Sugar (certain family members), the plot of Ultra Maniac seems very similar in the first volume. Only instead of a fairy, it's a drop-out from the Magic Kingdom, Nina, who has "annoyingly" attached herself to the main character, Ayu (always called "Ayu dear", but we know they mean "Ayu-chan"). Well, it would be annoying -- she doesn't just make Ayu late, like Sugar -- she tends to try to help Ayu by casting magical spells with disastrous consequences. The characters act very much like junior highers, especially in their methods of dealing with boy obsessions, but somehow, unlike real junior highers, it's very cute and funny and generally warm and fuzzy. Recommended. I might just look into getting the anime on Netflix, too.

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