Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dragon Prince

Dragon Prince (Dragon Prince #1) by Melanie Rawn

This book was way better than I expected. See, my expectations were low because it's an older fantasy, '80s I think, and yet I haven't read it, nor have people told me to. How good could it be? Apparently rather. It's even somewhat unique. It's one of the more political fantasies, concerned with balance of power between rulers and such, and it was fairly well done. Seemed slightly contrived at one point towards the end, but forgivably so. And there were some points where the author seemed a bit naive about the ease of shifting from power based on war to power based in law. I mean, I haven't studied creation of more civilized societies, but I know that even after civilization, war's still pretty darn prevalent. Made me think of "The War to End All Wars." On the other hand, on further reading, I think some of the naivete may have been the character's, not the author's, and she may not have meant it quite how I took it. At any rate, it was an enjoyable read.

“She could never take you from me. The only one who could do that is you—and I will never give you up or let you go.” -Sioned to Rohan about Ianthe

This was said after a rather awful thing happened, and I was very glad of it. It was goodness in the midst of darkness.

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