Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ultra Maniac Volume 3

Ultra Maniac Volume 3 by Wataru Yoshizumi

A little more of the magic mishaps again in this one. There were a lot in volume 1, not so many in volume 2. Now they're back, at first. This was Yoshizumi's first fantasy though, and writing it began as a challenge for her, I think, and then became a means to an end in telling her story. So there's one romantic mishap, and then a bit later the volume really starts to unfold, when Nina, a little carelessly, changes her cat back from its human form, and someone sees her. He confronts her about it, and eventually, after being reminded that he was nice to her and loaned her manga ("'Plus, he lent me his Doraemon manga.' 'You blabbed the world's biggest secret... because of manga?'"), she admits the truth. And that leads to more amusing pet troubles! This time with his cat. A bit awkward too, wow... The Sayaka storyline also begins in this volume. I really like her story (although it's barely started yet, and it's the parts yet to come that are the best). It reminds me a bit of Fruits Basket. If Sayaka were a Fruits Basket character, who would she be? In circumstances, she's a little like Kyo, but her personality and defensive mechanisms remind me more of Rin. I love Rin.

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