Thursday, February 21, 2008


That song I mentioned a couple posts ago? The one I couldn't remember fully? It was "Real Good Thing" by the Newsboys (lyrics by Steve Taylor [figures] and Peter Furler), to be found on the "Going Public" album. I guess I might as well quote it in full now, not just the chorus. Since I have the insert right here... Thanks to Melanie and Ron for calling me with the right lyrics, and to Ron for telling me it was the Newsboys. I listened to it in between your calls, but since it was on my iPod Shuffle, which doesn't have a screen, I was still thinking it was DC Talk. Silly me. And I'd been too lazy to go look yet.

"when we don't get what we deserve
that's a real good thing (a real good thing)
when we get what we don't deserve
that's a real good thing (a real good thing)

born to sin
and then get caught
all our good deeds
don't mean squat

sell the Volvo
shred the Visa
send the cash to Ma Teresa
great idea
the only catch is you don't get saved on merit badges

when we don't get what we deserve...

doctor's coming
looking grim
'Do you have a favorite hymn?'

check your balance through the years
all accounts are in arrears
guilt is bitter
grace is sweet
park it here
on the mercy seat

when we don't get what we deserve..."

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