Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have a table!

But not just any table. Oh, no. I have a lovely, shiny, book table! That is to say, I got my own table of picks at work. I'm very excited about it, because I'm a nerd that way. In fact, I'm so excited and such a nerd, that I even took a picture! Well, several actually. Not only that, but I'm going to blog them, too. ::hangs head at the nerdiness of it all::

The sign, I'll admit, isn't strictly true of all of them. Some of them I read first, and then bought... some were given to me... there are even some (gasp) that I don't own yet! I do plan to buy them someday, really I do! But meanwhile I'll uh... just buy them for the store, should these copies sell. Yeah.

The first picture is good, when you click on it for the larger size, but it's hard to see the back row, plus there was some glare on some of them. So obviously the other pictures were necessary. Anyway, don't consider this as a definitive list of my favorite books ever -- the store doesn't have all my favorite books. But these are pretty much all books I really enjoyed. A lot. Hopefully they'll sell well, and I'll have an excuse to order more excellent new (as opposed to used, not old) books for the store, and put them on my table. Yay!

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