Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Words in my novel, of course. What else would I be writing about? It has yet to catch up to Aedhira (which I've been working on, off and on but more off than on, for years), but it's sadly more than halfway there. A few things have even Happened now. Although... they were all pretty much things I'd been planning on, before November 1st. It's the huge gaping plot gaps ("'Gaping gaps?' You can do better than that, Marcy." "Yeah, but if I changed it I wouldn't be able to put this cool parenthetical thing in, and my Word Count would Suffer." "Silly! This isn't your novel!" "Oh. Well, apparently my Internal Editor has been dismissed for the month, and I ain't calling him back for nothing.") that I didn't manage to get to before November that I'm worried about. Un-planned Happenings have begun hinting at themselves, but we're worried they don't know where they're going, they're just going to run all about, laughing at me and yelling, "Nah nah! You can't catch me!" Yes. Well. But bits of the book look surprisingly readable and interesting. I'm crossing my fingers that my word output will not drop next week, because I've barely built up any cushion at all. Oh well. I did manage to get 2,000 words out today, a non-weekend day (speaking of which, I really should post this and go put a dinner together for work tonight...), and that's a pretty good accomplishment. I've been consistent. I can do this.

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