Friday, May 15, 2009

Heir to Sevenwaters

Heir to Sevenwaters (The Sevenwaters Trilogy #4 -- okay, okay, not exactly, but it amuses me, and it almost is) by Juliet Marillier
Read: 1/17/09-1/18/09
LibraryThing tags: Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Ireland, Medieval, Irish Mythology, Mythology

Beautiful book. I'm so glad she came back to Sevenwaters, although as far as I've heard everything she writes is wonderful. Plot-wise, it definitely is distinct from the original trilogy, and there's a lot of promise for the two books to follow. I hope she is able to finish them. The romance was fairly obvious, but it often is in romance, and it was still good; well developed, actually romantic, all of that. And the fairy tale elements! It wasn't a fairy tale retold, but the elements of a fairy tale were definitely all there. Kind of like Fruits Basket. Only different. Um, with Irish mythology instead of the Chinese zodiac. Yeah. It's not so much a new take on the existing mythology (as fairy tales retold sometimes are) as... an addition to them, I suppose. Recommended.

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