Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a little bit of BSG soundtrack squeeing

The Battlestar Season 4 soundtrack is even BETTER when I read the liner notes and find the translated lyrics. "All of this has happened before / And all of this will happen again / So say we all" in LATIN? Score.

And "The Cult of Baltar" ends with "Gaius Baltar, our divine savior, / Now and for eternity. / So say we all." In Anglo-Saxon. Is this not the most awesome TV soundtrack ever?

::Hums away, oblivious to any dissenters.:: <-- Which is good, since she might have to hurt them if she heard them being mean to her Precious. If, you know, they exist. Ooh, she could force them to LISTEN to it. That would take care of any problems. Especially if she also made them watch the show, first. Muahahaha!!!

Uh, yeah.

So, it's really good. Really very quite good. ::Backs away. Humming.::

Oh, one more thing: I have to listen to it even more to be completely sure of which are all my favorite tracks (especially for the purely instrumental work, i.e most of them, one track can bleed into another if you're not paying attention, doing something else while you listen... and there's just So Much), but so far I'm especially fond of "Gaeta's Lament" (duh, if you've seen any of my facebook posts or tweets about it), "Resurrection Hub," "Elegy," "Kara Remembers" (almost a spoiler warning for the video's title and description, but it isn't exactly, would actually mislead you if you hadn't watched the season... but for those who are picky, spoiler warning!), and "Kara's Coordinates" (SPOILER warning in the video's description, though, for real this time!). And, okay, "Diaspora Oratorio" (especially "Brothers and Sisters / Enemies and Friends / Embrace / For we have come home / Yet I weep / Not for the fallen / But for the unforgiven"). Ooh, and "Goodbye Sam" (she says, as the track in question begins to play on the CD player behind her head). Ooh, that's right, "So Much Life." Quite possibly "An Easterly View"... I'm a sucker for any inclusion of certain themes back into new tracks. And Bear McCreary does it so well. Sigh. And of course I have to finish off the list with the last track, "The Passage of Time," short though it is. So... basically what I'm saying is that I ESPECIALLY like ALL of the end of disc two. Uh-huh.

Hey, there's 34 tracks on these two discs. If you think I haven't narrowed it down... well, you're wrong. That's all. (Because I picked LESS THAN A THIRD. So there.)

Um, one last thing. The lyrics given with the video of "Gaeta's Lament" are also slightly wrong. ("This is wrong, too.") Here they are, as capitalized and punctuated and line-breaked and spelled in the liner notes:

"Alone, she sleeps in the shirt of man,
With my three wishes clutched in her hand.
The first, that she be spared the pain,
That comes from a dark and laughing reign.
When she finds love, may it always stay true,
This I beg, for the second wish I made too.

But wish no more, my life, you can take,
To have her, please, just one day wake
To have her, please, just one day wake..."

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