Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ohmychild, for the... Ow!

Babies have the potential to be quite good for one's posture.

If I sit up very, very straight... her attempts to tunnel through my ribs almost don't hurt!

Also, I think I'll turn off this beautiful music. She likes it too much.

I'll admit, the writer in me is enjoying this. Well, and the mother in me. It's just this tiny little sane portion that doesn't like pain that isn't so much always. That part's going, "ow, ow, OWW! Child!" Okay, the writer is saying the same thing, it's just that the writer is laughing while she says it. And the mother notices, but she doesn't really care. Or rather, the caring is vastly outweighed by the "Yay, she's healthy! And moving and happy and she likes music and isn't she so cuuute." Yeah. The mother is not, um, what all people would consider perfectly rational. But that's just fine.


Sondy said...

Josh loved music before he was born, too. When I stood up at Christmastime for Handel's Messiah, he positively danced. (On my bladder, but hey, I know what you mean about the mother in you being happy about it.)

Marcy said...

Ha, yes!

Though, as it turned out, at least a little of this was actually Braxton Hicks contractions. Mostly painless, but not so much when she had a foot up by my ribs and the contraction pushed my ribs out. I just hadn't realized yet that that was what those were.