Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For Posterity

Facebook status updates from the beginning of my pregnancy. Because I promised, last week. Hopefully not too boring for those of you who have seen some of these before. You can skip it if so, if you like.

Yeah, because you needed my permission for that. Um.

3-15-12: "Melanie is right, the question now is clearly: 'Otokonoko ka onnanoko desu ka?'"

3-17-12: "There's stuff I should do, but I don't feel so good. Ugh. Not all that BAD, hardly worth complaining about, just a teensy bit lightheaded... but I don't wanna do stuff. :whines:"

3-20-12: "You know how you're not supposed to go grocery shopping when you're hungry? Wellll... You probably shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're pregnant, either. >_> And I'm not talking about heavy lifting."

3-29-12: "Stupid butternut squash. I was trying to be healthy. Why do you have to smell so... so... disgusting? I bet you'd still be good baked with garlic and butter, but this microwave steamer thing just isn't working out, sorry."

3-30-12: "Today I saw our baby for the first time!

I also went in our new first house and saw it for the first time.

It was a good day. Thankfully I remembered to bring extra food to work for before and after the appointment, so I didn't have to post status updates about gnawing on my steering wheel. 

Excuse me, I think I'm gonna fall asleep now."

3-31-12: "I remember the last time I was this tired: summer 2003; Oaxaca, Mexico; intense bacterial infection.

That was probably the tiredest I've been in my life.

Today might be a second, though I'm not sleeping much. Pregnant, fighting a cold, tried to help out a little at the beginning of Moving Day. Oh, and band practice before that. For some odd reason, none of my vocal teachers warned me singing from the diaphragm doesn't mix well with morning sickness. :) It's good I haven't actually been vomiting.

The energy just won't come back, once it's gone, wow, it's gone!

Also not a fan of this nausea-hunger warning system. 

Um, let me know if you're tired of pregnancy status updates. Otherwise I'm gonna keep on going. Pregnancy is just so... WEIRD. Exciting, but weird."

"Don'tbeafever, don'tbeafever, don'tbeafever, don'tbeafever..."

4-11-12: "I should've taken a picture of the amount of food I brought with me to work today. There's still some left, but... How is it disappearing so fast? Where is it all going?"

5-16-12: "Okay. Anyone out there have morning sickness past fourteen weeks, but not throughout all nine months? 

Pleasesayyes, please say yes, PLEASE say yes..."

5-21-12: "Good food. Stay."

5-22-12: "Breakfast: Round two, fight!!"

5-23-12: "Hmm. Just realized Kaiser gave me a medical excuse not to go to work, and I didn't even ask them for it!

From 'Weeks 14 to 18 of Your Pregnancy: After Your Visit
Your Care Instructions':

'Reduce stress
Figure out who or what causes your stress. Avoid these people or situations as much as possible.'

Heh heh. Totally means I should avoid work, don't you think? ;-D"

6-17-12: "Apparently being hungry when pregnant can feel at times like being constantly punched in the gut. By a baby. This shouldn't surprise me..."

6-18-12: "I hear hunger is Bad throughout pregnancy, but really? Waves of nausea like this? I think I still have morning sickness. If somewhat abated. 

Stupid metabolism. Time for second breakfast."

6-29-12: "Wow. Within a few days I've gone from 'Well, I think maybe what I'm feeling is the baby moving, but it's hard to really be sure' to 'Yeah, I'm pretty sure, this has got to be her. (Look, now there's pressure on my lungs! Now the pressure is on my bladder!)' to, well.

Let's just say I could now tell you where to place your hand if you want to feel her, too! ^_^ That wasn't even true last night. Er, not last night before I went to bed. I think it changed in the middle of the night sometime."

And then there was the time Melanie posted about a certain Dr. Seuss book, and I commented on her status something about how "I am NOT going to throw up today!" was stuck in my head, and it was her fault.

For the record, the morning sickness did eventually pass. And I "rejoiced exceedingly with great joy." Once I realized that it was for real anyway, and not just one of many fakeouts.

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