Monday, January 14, 2013

Insert Funny Caption Here

I can't do anything in the proper order. I am inordinate. The first pictures I post here of Gracie ought to be the best pictures, the most beautiful, adorable, etc.

Instead I shall post this semi-recent one that amused me vastly.

Newborns have a startle reflex. Gracie's startle reflex is quite alive and well. Especially in some of her sleep cycles. She'll throw her arms up and out, quite possibly literally at the drop of a hat. At least if it's a heavy hat and dropping it makes a bit of a noise.

So... the other day I tried to take a picture of her sleeping in a rather odd/amusing/cute (don't actually remember which) pose. But it was in low light, so when the sound of the "shutter" on my camera phone made her startle, what I actually captured was this:

Okay, okay, I'll post a couple semi-recent cute ones, too. So many I could choose, but these shall suffice. For now.

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