Monday, December 10, 2012

There's this awesome and amazing thing that is awesome and amazing.

It almost feels arrogant to post a link to this. I mean, millions of people follow the people involved. Why would anyone who doesn't follow any of them follow me?

On the other hand, that still leaves millions of people who don't follow them, and a few of those might follow me. Especially since, you know, there are some people who know me in real life. Family. Friends. Anywho.

So... Patrick Rothfuss! Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess)! John Scalzi! Wil Wheaton! This video has them all! At once! If somehow you haven't seen that this video exists and I'm the first one telling you about it, here it is, watch it! Alright, if you're not familiar with any of them, it might be a bit confusing in places, or generally less awesome. It's possible. So, um, go familiarize yourself with their blogs? Yes, that sounds logical.

Hmm. But perhaps you follow them on and off and hadn't noticed this one yet. Or you'd seen that it exists, but like me, when blogs link to videos you add it to your "Meh, I'll watch it later" queue, or maybe your "That's awesome! I'll watch it later!" queue. In which case, I'm here to urge you to really and truly watch it this time, probably sooner rather than later. I mean, really. Rothfuss, the Bloggess, Scalzi, Wheaton! ALL TEH AWESOME!

Yes, it's almost 90 minutes long. That does take a while to watch. Almost 90 minutes. Maybe more if you ever have to rewind for something you missed, or pause because your baby started crying. But look at it this way, that just means... MOAR OF TEH AWESOME!

Oh, and they talk about blogging and writing and overcoming fears of what random internet people think to do creative things. And stuff.

With no further ado, The Story Board Episode 5: "Life Online: Putting the Meme in Memoir":

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